When the Ministry of Education in Córdoba, Argentina launched a tender for 60,000 devices with an anti-theft solution and MDM (Mobile Device Management) devices to be distributed to their K12 student population, Pixart jumped at the opportunity.
Pixart, an Argentinian company that has been established for more than 25 years, has been involved in initiatives for Education since 2008. They had part of the solution developed but wanted to present an offer. So, Pixart partnered with CUCo Firmware Solution, which had already developed a state-of-the-art solution for the Portuguese Ministry of Education.
Together they created a more robust solution under the umbrella of Rxart which matched the needs and specifications of the Ministry of Education. This allowed them to quickly present an offer, beating out the other companies in the bid.

Córdoba project

How Córdoba’s Ministry of Education adapted a firmware solution to meet their needs.
A firmware solution without boundaries.



Challenges and Objectives
They were awarded the project for their ability to use local expertise, and adapt a solution that serves international markets. This white-label solution allowed them to design their own product to meet specific needs.