as a Service

CUCo as The unlock key to Hardware as a Service


The DaaS (Hardware as a Service) model is becoming the leading way of business of all sizes and independent professionals to fulfil their computation needs. Typically the smaller the business size the higher is the credit collection risk and the recovery of the hardware.

CUCo Value

Without the CUCo security solution a big chunk of business is lost to “turned down” credit check clients, to contracts that enter into default and are not paid, to the hardware that is not returned, to high costs of background credit checks, to the legal fees to recover default contracts or to credit recovery services.


CUCo in action

Once CUCo locks down a laptop, workstation or server, the offending user or company takes only a few moments to settle the overdue rents. Also, the detection of the whereabouts of the rented hardware is very important in the renting industry. CUCo, can enable that recovery mechanism much more efficiently than current available proprietary and expensive solutions that are only available for a limited set of high end devices and engineered mostly to protect the data on the device rather than the device itself. Technological advances allowed for easy full hard disk encryption and thus costless user data protection, but still left the hardware unprotected. CUCo protects that hardware!

CUCo Return on Investment

CUCo ROI (Return On Investment) is almost instantaneous given the cost reductions and “project enabling” capabilities it presents. Renting out to Small Business or professionals without good credit history is now possible with CUCo security.

Currently several pilot projects are starting, based on device renting with CUCo enabled. These projects would have not been possible without a lock down and security mechanism.