How ISCIA School successfully provided a laptop to every student.
The key to the intelligent protection of contract compliance.

Executive Summary
With the CUCo Firmware Solution, ISCIA was able to provide a laptop to every student while:

reducing drop-out rates
protecting their investment
ensuring contract compliance
attracting new students

The Higher Institute of Information and Administration Sciences (ISCIA), is a privately owned higher education institution established in 1989.

Challenges and Objectives
ISCIA wanted to ensure that every student could take full advantage of their courses with the latest technology, but they had a large number of students lacking access. ISCIA decided to offer laptops to all students as part of their monthly tuition fee, however there was a risk of students dropping out and taking the laptops resulting in them losing money on their investment.

With CUCo technology they could guarantee contractual compliance and take the risk of providing laptops to all students. Students would have an incentive to continue their studies at the institution, and the institution was assured that if a student dropped out they wouldn’t be burdened by losing a student and a device at their cost.

With CUCo, ISCIA was able to offer universal access to laptops to all students despite their socioeconomic status and without the need for a credit check.


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By handing over laptops with CUCo Firmware Security technology, ISCIA is able to prevent unauthorized use of a computer by automatically or manually locking and unlocking devices. So, if a student drops out of school taking their device, they are obliged to pay the remaining balance and comply with their contract, or their laptop gets locked down.

Contractual Compliance Rate
Although some users didn’t meet their contract requirements at some point, in the case of a CUCo locking most users paid the overdue installments to reactivate their devices.
The CUCo security system provided a significant increase in contract compliance.

“Inforlandia has been an important partner of ISCIA – Instituto Superior de Ciência da Informação e da Administração, for several years, providing full support to our IT structure.

In its continuous mission to innovate, Inforlandia has developed the CUCo application (Central Unit Control), which has proven to be a powerful and effective tool for securing the computers that this Higher Institute delivers to students who enroll for the first time in a course at ISCIA (CTeSP’s or degrees).

ISCIA has been monitoring the development of this solution, contributing to its improvement and evolution. Currently, CUCo is in a state of important maturity and constitutes an added value to the logistics, allowing the Institution to raise the level of security and control of the equipment, in situations that justify it.”