E-school Plus project

E-school (e-escola) Initiative


In the aftermath of E-escola project in Portugal, Inforlandia launched a pilot project to test CUCo validity as a contract enforcement and theft deterrent system.

Several thousand units of laptops worth 500€ each were made available to low income students at 149€ each and a service contract of 14.9€ per month for 2 years’ time. No credit check was required, just signing up for the contract and paying the initial amount through a debit in the bank account stated in the contract.

Contractual Compliance Rate

Statistical data showed, after running the program for more than 2 years, that 27.9% of users stopped paying the monthly instalments at some point. CUCo security system on the laptops detected the noncompliance and automatically locked down the device. Following the customized “lost-and-found/locked down” message, 98.6% of users contacted our call-center, payed the overdue instalments and got a one-time code to unlock the device and reactivate it. CUCo provided a massive reduction of default payments by locking down uncompliant units.

Recovering Rate Success

It was also confirmed that 3% of the units have been offline for more than 2 months, and the rules based CUCo system locked them down even without network connectivity. During the period, 2% of the units have been reported by users as stolen or lost, but given their “digital footprint” when contacting the CUCo server, most were recovered and handed back to the user or reported to the authorities. At the end of the contract period all compliant units were freed from the CUCo control.

Recovering Value

In this scenario, the majority of the instalments in default would have been lost or the cost of recovering them through the traditional recovery agents or legal system would be too high and thus CUCo security system proved to save more than 20% of the sales price per unit. If not for the CUCo solution, large deployment projects based on future financial streams would not be viable. CUCo is a truly enabler for HaaS model in Education.